PHOH 660 – Advanced Occupational Health and Safety (for Ph.D. Program)      
Department of Occupational Health and Safety      

About this Course

General Information :
Course Code and Title
PHOH 660 – Advanced Occupational Health and Safety
Number of Credits
2 (2-0-4) Credits (Lecture – Practice – Self-study)
Curriculum and Course Type
Program: Doctor of Philosophy (Occupational Health and Safety)
Course Type: Elective Course
Semester/Class Level
1st Semester / 1st year Students
Course Coordinator
Lect. Dr. Wisanti Laohaudomchok
Course Instructors
Lect. Dr. Wisanti Laohaudomchok
Prof. Dr. Pornpimol Kongtip
Assist. Prof. Dr. Suchinda Jarupat-Maruo
Assist. Prof. Dr. Amarin Kongtawelert
Lect. Dr. Sumate Pengpumkiat
Lect. Dr. Saisattha Noomnual
Course Administration
This course is administered in accordance with the Announcement of Mahidol University
for teaching and learning under the State Emergency Policies and Restrictions (COVID19).
Class meetings will be done via Cisco Webex with emphasis on Blended Learning approach
which consists of lectures, discussions, self-study, project presentations and reports.

Course Description :

            Principles of occupational health and safety; the institutions promulgating legislation; techniques for investigation, evaluation and control of risks; techniques for inspection, correction and changing the behavior of human in order to achieve safety in the workplace and reduce impacts in the community; inspection for prevention of accident and occupational diseases in accordance with the safety promotion programs at various levels; principles of correcting and rehabilitating the environments and human by the co-operation between the private enterprises and the government.

Course Goals & Learning Objectives :
Course Goals
Upon course completion, students shall be able to:
1. Describe either the common or advanced principles of occupational and safety as well as the situation and
    administration at national, regional and global levels;
2. Identify the current topics, emerging issues, and research priorities in Occupational Health and Safety;
3. Explain in advanced details on applications of occupational epidemiology, exposure and risk assessments,
    occupational medicine, safety technology, environmental health, etc., for their research works.
Course-level Learning Outcomes (CLOs)
This course is designed and administered to develop students’ knowledge and skill, as well as personal characteristics as follow:
1. Fulfill with morals, ethics, and have either self- or social responsibility; (CLO1)
2. Be able to describe and apply the advanced knowledge on occupational health and safety for future researches
    and works; (CLO2)
3. Be able to propose the guidelines for technical development of occupational health and safety and policies
    to be in line with national and international standards; (CLO3)
4. Build-up good relationship between students and team work skills; (CLO4)
5. Be able to apply computer technology and English for searching and accessing advanced technical information
    on occupational health and safety. (CLO5)

Course Evaluation :
1. In-class Participation
   - Attending all class meetings, no absence without a reasonable issue 10 %
   - Participating in class discussion, Q&A, etc. 10 %
2. Assignments*
   - Assigned Readings & Critiques (individual work) 25 %
   - Individual Term Project (Presentation & Report) 25 %
3. Examination
   - Final Examination 30 %
Students are required to work on assignments (research review, present, discuss and critique,
    as well as propose their ideas on how to apply advanced knowledge on occupational health
    and safety in research and practice.


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